rgo was launched in September, 2008, as part of the Singapore River Festival. It was originally conceived as a mobile bar by Taiwanese-American entrepreneur Nick Yen. The modular system that he conceptualized was designed to allow the bar to move around swiftly and flexibly. The primary objective was to create an evolving space to give the customer a novel experience every time. The chance to work with the Esplanade, however, was too attractive to pass on and Orgo has now found its true home between the Durians.


  Organic Chemistry

rgo is short for “Organic Chemistry”. The entire Orgo experience revolves around the word “organic”. As a matter of fact, part of the menu will include drinks and food made from organic produce. However, Orgo is about more than just the ingredients. From the structures that define the space to the composition of the menu, the entire concept will continue to evolve and change like a living organism. You can expect every visit to be a novel experience.


  Cocktail Chemistry

he food and beverage team at Orgo is headed by renowned Japanese master mixologist, Tomoyuki Kitazoe. Tomoyuki is the brand ambassador for Grey Goose vodka, Chivas Regal and Red Bull in Japan. Trained as an Italian chef, Tomoyuki has been revolutionizing mixology in Japan through the innovative use of the freshest and purest ingredients for his drinks. The impressive drinks menu at Orgo includes such surprising combinations as watermelon and chili, apple and shiso and peach and rose. Also, in adhering to the “organic” theme at Orgo, Tomoyuki has created a series of drinks at Orgo that avoids the use of any artificial flavorings and colorings, syrups and canned juices. The Orgo version of the Singapore Sling, for example, is made entirely from fresh ingredients with the exception of the base gin.


  Gastronomic Chemistry

he food menu at Orgo further extends this emphasis on using fresh ingredients. The primarily French menu focuses on the innovative use of Asian ingredients of the finest quality with traditional French ingredients. To create an even more varied experience, the food menu will be additionally spiced up with several Italian and Spanish dishes. One of the signature dishes is, in fact, a seafood paella made in accordance to an old traditional Spanish recipe. Beyond the main food menu, Orgo also has an extensive list of tapas with special items like Chicken Rice Sushi and Foie Gras Siew Mai.


  Artistic Chemistry

rgo was originally conceived as a bar without walls. In order to achieve this, Orgo came up with a system of interchangeable and modular structures. These shape-shifting structures made it possible for Orgo to create a glass-clad structure that weaved itself along the circular perimeter of the rooftop, creating something akin to a glass and metal sculpture. The application of glass created the opportunity to bring the outdoors indoors, and the breathtaking views of the Singapore skyline and the iconic Merlion now form the tapestry on the walls of the bar and restaurant.

Besides defining the form of the space, the structures were also conceived to be giant display cases for works by local creative and artistic talent. From its inception, art had always featured prominently in all of Orgo’s decisions. As a matter of fact, it was also the major reason for permanently locating Orgo at the Esplanade. Art will continue to be tied intricately with activities at Orgo.